Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PLS - Final

My final project is pretty simple. The star of my little movie is a stick figure man. All of the symbols and items are new for this movie, including the stick figure man. I created him using circle shapes and the pen tool. The house background item is an imported jpg that was converted with bitmap trace. The record that appears while the man is dancing is also a traced jpg import.
The movie begins with the man leaving the house and settling at center stage (Classic Tweens). The man then dances (Motion Tweens) while a crowd claps and cheers (Sound Clip) him on. After he is done dancing, the man transforms into a ball (Shape Tween). The End.
Play and Stop buttons are visible/usable throughout the movie. A link button (Record), is Alphaed to 0% at the beginning, shows up with a 100% Alpha during the dancing scenes, and then Alphas back out to 0% for the rest of the movie. If you hover over the record while the man is dancing, the words "Click Me!" appear and if clicked, you will be taken to iTunes.
My biggest issue with this project was trying to come up with an idea... which is ultimately why I chose to do a very simple movie with just a stick figure.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Final project - beach banner

Click to watch...

This went well. I'm pretty pleased. I hit a few sticking points, when I was tired - for instance I had everything working except the link. Could not figure it out. Tried it both ways. Couldn't resolve (or understand) the error message. Finally looked again at the absolute URL and wondered "if I type the http:// in front of the wwww. in the link window"....and it worked! After an hour of trying.

The story board was extremely useful. I could see and plot out how to handle each item, what kind of tween it might be, where to put things. I got off track when I started creating things in the order that they would appear on the stage. I should have made all of the elements first, then placed them and activated them. I will next time. I did change a few things but having the storyboard to reference saved me time. Like having a recipe to cook from.

OBJECTS, SYMBOLS, DRAWING: All of the objects in this animation are new. All of the symbols are new.
I used the rectangle and oval tools most often, modifying the shapes with the arrow and transform tools.

COLOR: The Kuler palate includes rock brown 4B423B, sky blue 9EDEDD, water blue 58788C, sand tan D5C2AD. That was too limiting so I added bits of bright colors for the frisbee, kite, bird.

MOTION EDITING: To the waves I added easing and changed the alpha to dim the wave crests as they came ashore. I added a tint to the kite shape and fiddled with its motion speed.

IKs: I created two- the seagull which I also tweened to fly; and the unrolling line of sand that reveals the text "unwind at the beach."

TWEENS: I didn't stop with 5 tweens as you see - papers becoming clouds then floating away, frisbee flying and changing shape, flying seagull IK, flying kite, sand and sea moving onto stage, wave crests coming ashore, sand line unwinding.

SOUND: The sound clip of seagulls calling is attached to the bird tweened IK.

BUTTONS: The buttons are play and stop; stop is the altered version of play with reds added to the states to say "stop."

SIZE: I was tired of the normal stage size and shape, that's why I chose the banner configuration, but I was shocked to see how small it actually was. So I added a white frame around it and placed by link and buttons and some more text outside the original animation.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing yours.

Final Project - Kirandip Kaur

Hi everybody here is my Final Project , in which I tried my levels to work everything out but imperfection is always there so buttons are working for tweens to play or stop but not for IK s.
Theme- The theme of this project is based on Christmas as it is coming closer , exciting for me and my family .The idea is that as kids think Santa comes on Sleigh flying through the sky so it is and shakes bell and says ho-ho which I liked the most ...still the animation is just not that great I think it 's according to what I learned .

Major Tools - The major tools to create my objects like santa ,reindeer , , snowman are with just drawing with pencil and filled up and sleigh ,grass with paint brush ,on 2 scene IK plant with circle symbles , gift with rectangle and star with rectangle primitive at the end scene , Santa's bag of gifts was made with circle selection tool, The snowflakes I just imported from photoshop and three scenes are also images from the web.All of the symbols I just created no one is old .

Color Scheme - Color scheme is just according to Christmas Eve , white , light blue , red green and dark nightly colors are just like a day before Christmas . Snowman got color transform #b8e0f1 , his hat #000000 , Ik grass and plant got #ffcc00 #d7e571 ,buttons got #99ffcc , Santa got #cf3d2a #cc0000 #ffffff ,deer #b89850 , sack of gifts #cf632a ,sleigh #626263 , gift #006600,star moving at end got #00649f #6c00cf #2400a8 .

Requirements - Snowflakes are in motion tween ,Santa on sleigh is frame by frame Snowman is motion tween but his hand got nested tween for waving in f by f . Two ikshape is on first page grass , symbol is on second page a plant .THe star at the end nested shape tween and otherwise classic tween. Buttons are three-2 layers. three audio clips are added one is santa ringing bell , santa's Ho-2 and sound for button over state but somehow buttons are not working I dont know it it again clashing in motions and ik's . A link is also added at the end on my name and its my watermark too .The rotation , transformation and easing is given to snowman and snowflakes.

Experience - It seems now easy for me to make these things except actionscript that I am going to catch next term as javascript , but rest of things were so easy for me to use like editing , create new symbol , tweens with symbols we can say instances and most of it is nested tweens so cool and easy now . I would say that everything we can learn but with constant practice..... shouldn't give up untill get it . Allover in the beginning I dint like flash but now I want to learn more .


T.K. Final Project


here is my final project that I entitled.. "Ghost of Xmas past"
This project actually went a little smoother than I had thought. It pretty much flowed without too much headache, which I welcomed with open arms!
As far as tools i used the pen tool and the paintbrush to make the fireplace flame. I wish I was a bigger fan of the design tools in the program but im not.
I used multiple tweens and manipulated the tint size and skew. I used them on the flames in the fire place the candle flames(motion tween) and the star on top of the christmas tree(shape tween). I also changed the tint of the bouncing ball just to do it.
I just noticed that my IK which was a mistletoe is missing from my project.this is the 2nd time this has happened. the layer is there but magically the mistletoe i drew with the paint tool is missing. This happened with my flower in project 4 and i had to redo it. This is dumb so i now have to redo it.

Now onto the next....I used armatures on the mistletoe and on the ghost body. The mistletoe is the one I made into a symbol. as far as symbols I made the elf outfit the elf hat the candles the fire and the tree ornament balls.
I used an evil laugh audio on the grinch which is a nested movie clip.
I made my buttons pretty simple with the oval tool and applied gradients to each layer and put a color change for the over and click states with the texts.I used a text link to go to the grinch webpage.
I wanna say Thank you to everyone in class. I got help from alot of you without you even knowing. I liked the progress we've all made this term and hope continued success to you all in your area of study. Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Final project - Stephen Brooks

This was a tough project that i had built over the course of the term. Alot of components were redone as new tools and better ways to manage my work came up in class, so I hope you all enjoy it. it's roughly 1 minute in length...

2a. Listing the major tools I used is way too difficult on a project like this. Instead I'll list what i DIDN'T use. I stayed away from the deco/pen tool since they tend to be cumbersome. Every other tool available got use at some point...

2b. I didn't have Kuler when i began this project for fun, so I never pulled my color scheme from there...

3d. I used the alpha feature extensively in this animation to not only separate scenes, but also represent the Time Travel event as a chaotic experience...

4c. The only objects I reused were from the background in the first scene (which was the 1st or 2nd project of the term). Everything else is new including: A Power Drill, A Beer Bottle, both Buttons, the Intro Text, and finally both characters Arms, Bodies, Heads & Shoes...

By the end of the project i had realized that i didn't plan for IK usage and when i tried to impliment them the bones eclipsed the objects so I couldn't work with them and the computer slowed down to the point where I could only click the mouse every 15-20 seconds. I know this will be a hit on my points, but I have done well all term and will deal with the loss...

here is a link:

Final - CK

For the final, I started with the IK and worked backward. To me, it's the most complex piece, and I wanted to have an interesting use for it. During the last class, Patti mentioned a whip, and it got me thinking about that sort of animation. I had thought about doing something Indiana Jones-ish, but for some reason decided instead on a butterfly tongue. Not only am I not sure where that came from, but putting an IK on a butterfly tongue is REALLY TEDIOUS. The shape was so small that despite blowing the scale up as big as it would go, I couldn't prevent the bones from trying to connect at odd places, and eventually had to settle for much less curl than I had tried to do originally.

Tool-wise, I stuck with my usual suspects, shapes, paint brush, a little bit of pencil. I did use the spray tool for once to give my tree its foliage (seemed a little better than haphazardly painting green on it). Maybe it's the way I work, or maybe I'm scared of it, but I haven't seem to have found much use for the Pen tool since early on.

I didn't use a lot of motion editing this time, but I did find a fun use for the x/y axis transformation. Originally, the butterfly was a flat 2D symbol, but after playing with the motion editor, I got it looking a little more 3D - if still pretty flat. I did not re-use any symbols. Everything is new.

The flower was not going to be so segmented initially, but figuring out a good way to have the flower and the stem fall over together, without looking weird, ended up taking me to a symbol IK instead of a shape IK. For the sound, well...the sound doesn't work right. I want the bird noise to start and stop with the buttons, but I don't think that was covered in our class. For now, the noise starts up immediately. Everything else is pretty by the numbers (but it is fun to have a silly link on the link button).