Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi all,
This is Amy. It's nice to meet everyone - I'm looking forward to working with you in class and learning how to use Flash. My husband and I are currently living in SE Portland. We moved down from Seattle 3 years ago and are still finding our way around but we really like the area. Good luck with the class!
hello everyone and welcome to the cas 175. hope we all get the most we can out of this course.

Hello All!

This is my first "blog". I guess I'll just see where this goes...


Hello all This is David From class its nice to meet you all... well at least I hope I do from what I'm seeing I'm the only one on here at this time! I'm sure that will change hehe anyway I'm from Saint Helens but recently move up to Beaverton about less then a year ago I'm working towards a computer science degree major to hopefully create video games and share my imagination with the world I wish you all well good luck in class!

Hello class

Luckily, I already have 2 blogs through Google that I use, so this just adds another to my list to maintain. Happy Flashing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This blog allows our class to share their learning experiences as your begin your learning journey using Introduction to Flash.

Once you have received an invitation, please join this blog and post a hello to the class.

When you post for your Project assignments, please post your name and project number in the title.