Thursday, November 25, 2010

T.K. project 5

With this project I struggled for a while.I get really frustrated with flash for some reason. I had to email Ms.D about it and once she responded i got done in 10 mins what had me stuck for over 2 hours the previous night. Anyways as far as this button project. I used 1 button i made in Photoshop and 1 button i made in flash. I think anyone can look and see where I made which I put a nested color change in my round button and a tint change on my rectangular button. I have sound which works when it wants to on the rectangular button also. I can get it to do the click sound everytime like its supposed to but I remember in class other people were having problems so maybe its a glitch or something.Im just glad to be done. I watched all the videos numerous times and they helped for the basic design but i couldnt figure my embedding out for my life but im glad it worked out in the end...besides that Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

project 5 Kirandip kaur

Project 5 is about buttons for that I created two buttons , one is movie clip button for GO and Exit basic button and added text and different colors to up down ,over and hit states , added sound in the over state . The basic button is made on the basis of class but mc is build on book basis so it is bit different than class it is in four layers and had stop action on 2nd frame , has sound for both button on over state , text too , Let me tell you I dint like the book method unfortunately class one ...I forgot some steps so ...

Project 5 David peterson

Project 5

Part 1

2)A)iv)I put the alpha movie clip for the blue button when you hover the cursor over it

Part 3
1)A)I unfortunately could not utilize any of the videos that I watched I did watch all of them however none of them seem to be as effective as they stated. I tried to use at least 16 combination's of code that none seem to work until I finally found two different ones that did.

b)I first began by creating the two different buttons by starting with one button's creation than duplicating and modifying the secondary button save time and made changes to the layers to each one and made into different buttons after I'd done this I in long-gated my movie clip by three frames including the sounds and everything else in the time line then I attempted to find several different styles of code to use inside the action script until it finally found two that worked and place them inside of the time line upon the first line I began with the stop command then I did the link command to Google than I did the last command which was the was the start button command list giving the ability to click the button to start the animation.

Thoughts and comments
this to be the hardest piece I've ever done a truly believe it when I first began this is totally screwed. I felt unprepared for it due mainly because of the holidays and work I had to finish this entire project in a day but luckily I managed to pull through thanks to Google and a lot of other good resources I found on the Internet.

Link to my animation

Project 5 - Amy Petit

Part 1:
(1, 2) For this animation I created two buttons for the existing Project 4. (a, i, iv.) The first (named button_1) has a movie clip (named star_movie) where the sun turns into a spinning star on the over state. (ii) I did add a sound clip to the over state of water splashing but I’m having trouble getting that to play. (iii) The spinning star then turns into a blue ball on the hit state. (b) The second button (named button_2) is the duck and that has (i) four layers that include the highlights on the duck. On the over state, the duck rears up and on the hit state goes back down.

Part 2:

(1) I added ActionScript to stop the timeline in the first frame.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buttons! - CK

So here we have Project 4 with buttons. My buttons are labeled "Dance" and "Car". Even though they don't do anything at the moment, with some more work, they could be functional. Since my man has a complete skeleton, it should follow that pressing the Dance button will get his groove on. I managed to get a movie clip (button_tween) into the Over state, after once again having to go slowly through the process. The one thing that was odd here was that though there is a sound triggered on the Over state, it also seems to trigger on the Down state, despite my time line not showing a sound file there.

The Car button is mostly just a joke; I envisioned it as a means to get the man to frantically dive out of the way of oncoming traffic. I studied some of the library buttons for how they used layers, and in the end felt that my limited graphic design skills would require me to aim low. So, I made concentric rings on different layers which expand as the urgency of the situation increases (Over is important, Down is GET OUT OF THE WAY). I fought with Flash for a while before understanding that the text of a multi-layered button must be on top.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

PS Project 4

My scene is a desert scene with a slithering snake (IK) and a scorching sun (IK). The bitmap tracing was nice because it provided the background scenery I needed for my action items. It would have taken quite a bit of time to create a desert scene from scratch. My first IK element, the sun, is fairly simple: the suns rays move to make it appear as if it is blazing. In the second IK element, the snake's body moves up and down so it looks like he is slithering across the desert floor. I chose to add a "snake hiss" sound clip for my scene and after importing, I sped it up a little so it sounded more like a hiss.

I was happy with my IK elements, but what I was not very happy with was my computer and the fact that Flash crashed several times and kept corrupting my IK elements so that I had to re-create the bone movements a multitude of times-UGH! Oh well, at least it finally seems to work ok now!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is the project 4 , which was very annoying . Symbol IK 1 is trunk of elephant and snake IK 2 is given the connected bones .I dint get what I was thinking , The main idea is that elephant got scared of snake .. the environment looks like a Jungle . I imported the elephant sound and bitmap image for now but I am not that satisfied , . The bitmappig is cool but most of the time it was patching out so I got very weird ending look , may be some like but I dint , because I wanted to give snake the motion tween which I couldnot because of IK , The important thing is I finished this project just on the basis of tutorials and whatever Patti showed in class ...couldn;t get time to read the book .
I dint compress the audio file because it was't that big . After all to learn somthing new is always good .
The blooger was taking to long to upload and even failed so here is the url.


Monday, November 15, 2010

In Photoshop I isolated parts of my dog on separate layers, which imported neatly and quickly into the library in my Flash document. When I got them all in place on the stage, resized and converted into symbols, I discovered that you can't link bitmap images! I animated her with frame by frame and some motion tweens.

I created the "demo dog" from various rectangles and made it into IK#1. For IK#2 I ran bones through a ribbon drawn with a paint brush to create a path on which the dog would run.

The bitmap tracing is great fun, although I think Illustrator does a better job. I think it gives a nice simple background that looks cartoony, which I like.

I didn't compress the audio because the sound files I used were small. Just voices of children playing, to add a subtle message of fun, and the dog bark twice.

I didn't make use of the tutorials because I'm not able to from home and wasn't able to spend time in a lab this week. This is all from the book and what Patti showed us in class.

I think it works. What do you think?

Thanks for watching.

Project 4 - Stephen Brooks

a. The purpose of my animation was to play around with a dancing robot and see how all of the elements interacted. I did not get the cylindrical rings to stay aligned and this muddies the animation along with the torso being the main point of rotation. I could not get it to move relative to the other joints, which was somewhat disappointing...

b. The tutorials helped me link my robots body objects (61 total) as well as get experience with the tools available (i.e. bone tool, easing, sound, etc.)...

c. The bitmap tracing helped me create a quick and small background, though it also forces a "theme" as far as designing goes. As you can see in my video the animation in the foreground is quite different than the background...

Link to my video (too big to upload):

tk's project 4

a. Describe the purpose of your IK animations.
I used the IK animation to make my flower appear to blow with the breeze and the little caterpillar move also. I need to do a bit more experimenting with this bone tool to get it down but its fun so far

a. Did it function as you intended?
Yes it helped my flower blow with the breeze!!lol
b. Please discuss how the tutorials contributed to your project design

c. How did the bitmap tracing contribute to your project?
With this project it really wasnt necessary but with other vector like images this would be pretty cool kind of how amy used it. I really like her project.

Now overall this project had me kind of frustrated and i scratched like 3 different ideas about halfway through.I couldnt figure out how to get the imported images to work with the bone tool and i know it was something simple i was just overlooking.I like my flash drawn flower though!!hahaha. it showed me just how unsteady my hand is on my laptop.On part2 I imported a pic that was like 3500x2800 and resized it down to 550x400 to match the stage size. I also added some contrast to the original pic all in photoshop and saved it for web and devices. I think the addition of the buttons will be a breeze since i can import psd files and layers over to flash. I just really dont like how long it takes sometimes and the end result looks like a 5 min but I guess thats all a part of the learning experience.

Strange Weather We're Having - CK

NOTE TO CLASS:Use this code to embed your file directly into your blog posting, if you want:

<embed src="" pluginspage="" style="width: 550px; height: 400px"></embed>

I went about doing this project by starting with a backdrop, looking for sounds I could use, and then making IKs from there. I had taken several pictures myself last week of the fall colors in my neighborhood, so I grabbed a few of those, decided on one I liked, and used it. I adjusted the color threshold down about 50%, because otherwise it was too muddled. I then did a little searching through the Flash sound library, but nothing really seemed to catch my ear. I had briefly flirted with the Helicopter sound and having an escaped prisoner run around the street, but it seemed like more work than it was worth.

Using the free sound links from the project instructions, I found a 7 second rain sound, and an umbrella opening. I figured I could use those somehow, and then I got an idea for a humorous scenario. Thus was born the poor guy who tries to be proactive, but gets soaked instead.

His IK is just a bunch of body part symbols I boned together, nothing fancy. I was surprised not to have to use the Binding Tool, but then he doesn't move around all that much. His legs have bones, I just wasn't sure what to do with the armature. My shape IK is the plant; I did something like this for my midterm project, and to be honest, I spent the vast majority of my time on my man. The plant was an afterthought; I wasn't really sure what sort of simple shape I could insert into my animation, so I went with that (rainy days have wind sometimes, right?).

I didn't really do anything with the umbrella sound, but for the rain, I shortened it up, changed the fade to a sort of "downpour" once the umbrella is opened, and changed the compression. I had to set it higher than I expected to get the more subtle dynamics of the audio to come through, but it still knocked off a chunk of the original size.

I like the vector graphic, if only because a poorly drawn animated man standing on a real street would somehow look less weird than in front of this sort of painted backdrop.

Project 4- Amy Petit

Part 1:
(1.) For this animation I created two IK elements, one using symbols and another using shapes. (a, i.) For the symbols that were connected by bones, I drew three ships – each it’s own symbol. (ii) I also used a “invisible symbol” (one that had the alpha set at 0) to create more realistic movement between the ships. I set the rotation to be constrained so the ships wouldn’t topple over, rather just look like they were bobbing on the waves. (b, i) For the shape connected by bones, I created a seagull movie clip that has 25 frames in itself of the bird flapping it’s wings. (ii) I’ve then applied a motion tween to the bird in the main animation so it looks like it’s flying across the water.

Part 2:
(1.,a,c) For the bitmap background I imported a bitmap of an ocean and shore from a photograph I had taken, used align to match it to the stage size and traced the photo to create the vector graphic. After getting the look that I wanted by adjusting the color threshold and minimum area for pixels – I imported a Kuler color scheme and selected different areas in the image to adjust the color (it had been a b&w photo) (b) prior to importing, I resized the image in Photoshop to be 500 x 332px at 72 dpi.
(2.a) I added two sounds to this animation – the sound of the waves in the background that plays through the whole animation and the sound of the seagull set to play as the bird flies in. (b) I compressed both sounds to MP3s which were recommended in the tutorial for longer playing sounds. I left the bit rate at 16kbps and the quality at medium which alleviated some of the sharpness (screeching bird) in the original files. (d) I also used the “edit sound envelope” option in the properties menu to have the sound fade in and out and lower the intensity of it a little.

Part 3:
(1.a) The purpose of my IK animations were to create the scene of an ocean shore with the ships bobbing in the waves and the seagull flying through it. (a.) I believe it did function as I intended and the tutorials (b.) especially the one on adding sound helped me import the items effectively. I appreciated the compression advice because editing sound it very new to me and I’m not very familiar with the file types. (c.) The bitmap tracing created a nice background. This is a feature that is also available in Illustrator and so I felt having used it before, I could create the look I intended. (d.) I was unable to load a swf file to the blog so I have included a link above. (2., a,b) All files are uploaded to the SWS server and my name is on the project in the lower left of the animation.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 4 David Peterson

Project 4

Questions answered

Thoughts and Comments

When I first started this project I felt like it was a little over whelming but I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out.

How i made it

I first began using the oval tool with a peach like skin color and I began to draw different parts of the human body such as the chest, boxers, arms, legs, head, and the boxing gloves then I converted them all into symbols after I converted them I attached them each by the bone tools and created it into a full working moving IK. After I did this I copied the same character and then re-pasted it after duplicating each piece in changing it this way it appears that I have two different boxers fighting one another. I then used poses for each IK and specifically altered each piece of their bodies to make the appearance of them hitting one another.I then added sounds by using sounds imported from the example set on blackboard to give a more realistic feel for each blow landed after this I added the Bell to simulate the start of the round by adding two different symbols I hammer and a round shaped bell and then created them both into an IK and made a post between them so the hammer appears to strike the bell. Last I decided to create a watermark using Photoshop and altering the original background I added my name and followed the instructions inside the video listed on this website below.

Part 2

2)D) I chose to import to library and stage both so that I could get a feel for the difference between the two. I then chose hit noises to better enhance the experience of the fight.

Part 3

The purpose of my animations was to create the experience of being inside a boxing ring watching two boxers fight and the idea of watching a punching bag swing from use.

A) yes after some well spend time working on them.

B) they helped died my actions and allowed me to complete my work by showing me what I needed to complete.

C) a contributed by allowing me to alter the background to anyway I wished it to look.

Video on the left Project 4 Video on the Right Video Movie Clip

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Test Link Test

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mid Term -Kirandip Kaur

This is midterm project on the theme of bee and butterfly . All requirements have been met according to me .1 Clouds got the motion preset tweening , sun got the classic tweening in which color n shape is changed the other two motion tweenings are for bee and butterfly . Flowers got frame by frame animation, the ending page got the shape tween in three objects . Storyboarding is uploaded to sws. In the category of tools pen and bezier curves for butterfly ,gradient color ,transformation flowers too got same , sun too got gradient .

The hex color are 5fbe8e for b_g ,0000ff for flower which is my favourite ,add01e for butterfly in radiel , ffff31 for butterfly yellow, 000000 for butterfly body like too ,bcdod5 for clouds . here is the link to see the movie.

Colleen's midterm Seed Cone Press

The storyboard was a good jumping off place, but I modified my idea to meet the project requirements. For instance, I'd planned a drawn seedling being revealed like the heart pulse but instead I used a shape tween from a small green rectangle of a sprout to a large brown rectangle of a tree trunk.

Again I used the brush for most of the work because I like the shapes I can achieve with it. I tried several tools to draw the cone, and then made several attempts with the brush before settling on this. Primitive shapes merged might have delivered a more realistic look, or I could have used the pen tool beziers to get it. I decided that freehanding would take less time. I did use beziers to make the soil line look bumpy.

Kuler colors weren't exactly what I wanted so I modified them. I used 211D15 (dk brown) 433527 (lt brown) 121B08 (needles green) 5F2821 (seeds) 2C581B (seedling).

This project was so different from the other attempts that I did not reuse any old symbols.

Frame by frame is used for the cone and branch shaking. It gave a nice jerky movement.

Shape tween is used for the morph from seedling to tree trunk.

Classic tween is used to change the size of the branch at the beginning. Classic allowed me to control the length of the size change.

I used motion tweens to control the seeds, adding motion to each, changing their trajectory and pace.

I used a preset fly in from the bottom for the company tag line, to reverse the line of action for emphasis.

While I started with a storyboard, the overall process was lots of trial and error, adjusting timing, positions, duration. I discovered that crunched for time it is easier to delete a flubbed up layer and rebuild it rather than try to fix without understanding what I had done.

Thanks for watching.

Midterm - Plants vs Zombies...FLASHED

I did things a bit backward this time out; I was inspired sort of out of left field and used an actual image on which to model my project. Some of you may have heard of a video game called Plants vs Zombies, in which zombies are trying to get into the house and the player places various useful plants in their path to thwart the brain-eaters. I decided to create a very basic, let's say "inspired by", version in Flash. The results are...ugly.

I actually knew what colors I wanted to use, simply because I had an image to work of off. So, I created my own theme called PvZ. The hexes are: #669933 (base), #45B032, #2FA642, #9DB032, #A69F2F.

I found that I was really lacking in actual saves symbols from previous projects, and those that did exist had no place here, as I tend to keep going in completely different directions with these projects - so there isn't anything repeated here.

Classic Tween
I had originally had the zombie moving on a very linear path forward, but that didn't seem very zombie-like. I decided to change things around and create more of a "lurch" motion, with pauses in between steps. Classic Tween seemed to be a good choice here, as the text suggested it's useful for placing keyframes first and then worrying about the animation later; the original motion tween seemed less flexible for this purpose. I was going to use another Classic Tween for the head, but I was unable to; I assume this is because I had a motion tween for the same symbol later in the timeline, but I'm not sure.

Custom Ease
My custom ease is on the zombie head, as it falls to the ground post-impact. I wanted it to appear to accelerate as it dropped due to gravity; the small bounce on the end was an accident, but I left it in because it seemed amusing. It didn't take nearly as long this time out to get the ease where I wanted it.

Motion Tweens
Most of my motion tweens are pretty basic; the pea flying toward the zombie and the zombie shuffling forward. For my purposes, it worked just fine. I did decided to add an extra one between the pea hitting the zombie and the head falling off, which is where the tint changes color. I lucked out playing with the tint, as it appears that the impact causes the change, then it gradually reduces back to the main color. Most of the work involved getting the zombie to be in the right place for the impact, as I had two objects moving toward each other.

The zombie itself is separated into 4 parts - head, body, left leg and right leg. The head and body are separate mostly because the head falls off. The legs are separated for the frame-by-frame animation. I wanted to give the appearance of a shuffling zombie; originally the legs were moving in almost every frame, but it looked ridiculous. For the second attempt, I spaced out the movements much more to coincide with the pauses in movement. That was a bit painstaking, and if you slow it down, you can tell that it's not the best sync.

I also threw in an IK on the sunflower symbol (yeah, it's a sunflower!). In the game, the sunflowers bounce around happily, so IK seemed like a great way to mimic that. The best part of this process was that I had already created the sunflower, but wanted to modify it substantially. I opened a single instance of the symbol, made my changes, and it propagated to the others - time saver!

I had envisioned a far more ambitious project, with multiple zombies - including the pole vaulter variety - but even this small animation was more work than I expected. I think I'd like to expand upon it for the final, though.

Midterm - Stephen Brooks

The storyboarding only took about 30 minutes, but it helped me stay on track while I was designing. I made it out of 4 frames, but cut the last one since I didn't need it. Patti, open it using MS Paint for the clearest image...

The Kuler made it ALOT easier to determine what colors to use since I hadn't used it in previous projects. The RGB colors I used were:
82, 17, 10
74, 38, 25
115, 55, 45
130, 71, 58
117, 45, 30 these were "Browns" from the Kuler search "wood"
128, 43, 0
191, 64, 0
255, 86, 0
64, 21, 0
230, 77, 0 these were Oranges from Kuler "Pumpkins & spice"
231, 40, 0
255, 110, 3
255, 164, 35
231, 114, 39
171, 45, 0 these were colors for my leaves, search "Fall leaves"

I used the Pen tool for the nose of my Pumpkin & the bezier curves made it pretty easy to get what I was looking for (kind of like a witch, long and pointed).

I took the symbol "Electrical Outlet" from one of my practice videos and changed it's color/size to fit the outdoors theme, titled "External Electrical Outlet".

Frame-by-Frame Animation - I kept this one really simple and simply flashed between two versions of the pumpkins face. One is scowling and the other is surprised/startled...

Shape Tween - This was a bit difficult, but I managed to also nest it (extra points) and extend it so that it seemed to flow and minimize and "jerking"...

Classic Tween - I took the last Text box and wanted to make it larger so a simple classic tween was all that I needed...

Motion Tweens:
- OK, so I went a little overboard with this one and ended up with nearly 20 motion tweens, BUT here is a basic description of them. The first required a transformation so I made text boxes to represent the doorbell and had them bounce around like I would envision the sound would look like. I added ease to all three of them with a custom setup.

- The leaves in my video move twice as if gusts of wind are pushing them across the porch since I wanted a more life-like look to them. This required multiple layers with each leaf on its own layer to keep things simple.

- The last Motion tween was wrapped up in the leaves since I had so many and needed some to end up off of the stage. I moved around the leaf layers to try and get a more accurate timetable, so that's why they are not in order...

Enjoy, click here!