Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final- Amy Petit

(1,a) I used the “robot lounge singers” theme again to bring “Jimmy an the She-bots” to life. There is a pdf of the storyboard in my final folder showing where the different scenes will happen.

(2,a) I mainly used the rectangle and oval drawing tools as both shape and objects. I also used the primitive versions for some of the shapes. The spray can made the background pattern and the polygon tool made the stars. I also used the line tool and Bezier points for some of the pieces.(b) No imagery was imported. (c) I used the following Kuler scheme: #8C2920 (red), #F29422 (yellow), #20818C (blue), #D0C6B2 (tan), #E68E21(yellow) and #C7380B (orange).

(3,b) For the stars twinkling I used a series of shape tweens. (a) The she-bots moving into place were done with three individual classic tweens and the moved to the background with a (c) motion tween. Jimmy moving into the frame in the different spots were done with (c) motion tweens. I used the motion editor to apply custom easing to these scenes to vary the speed at which he moved and adjusted the scale.

(4,a,b)There are two armatures using Inverse Kinematices. The first is applied as a shape IK in Jimmy’s arms (it plays in the symbol “Jimmy” timeline). The second is as a symbol IK to the “claw” that takes him out of the scene.

(5,a,b,c) All of the symbols in the library are new and a combination of movie clips and graphics. (d)The she-bots individually are graphics and there is one of theme all together that is a nested movie clip of them rocking. That one is called “sb_group”.

(6,a) There is audio in the main timeline for the she-bots and there is a short clip within the symbol “jimmy_sing”.

(7, a, iii) There are two buttons – a start and stop button. (a, i) They each have up, over, down and hit states and are build from four layers – a base, highlight, gradient and text layer. (ii) I duplicated the start button to make the stop button. (1.b) I changed it by having the highlight and gradient change and made the start shades of green and the stop shades of red. (iv,v) They are not from the common library and were not used on project 5.

(8,a,i) I added ActionScript to make the buttons start and stop and included a stop in frame 1. (b,i) I used text to create a link to a URL of another famous robot.

(9) I really enjoyed this project and this class. I had fun bringing Jimmy and the She-bots to life and felt that the tweens worked really well in this project. Getting the sound to sync up was a bit challenging but it worked out in the end.

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