Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Project - Kirandip Kaur

Hi everybody here is my Final Project , in which I tried my levels to work everything out but imperfection is always there so buttons are working for tweens to play or stop but not for IK s.
Theme- The theme of this project is based on Christmas as it is coming closer , exciting for me and my family .The idea is that as kids think Santa comes on Sleigh flying through the sky so it is and shakes bell and says ho-ho which I liked the most ...still the animation is just not that great I think it 's according to what I learned .

Major Tools - The major tools to create my objects like santa ,reindeer , , snowman are with just drawing with pencil and filled up and sleigh ,grass with paint brush ,on 2 scene IK plant with circle symbles , gift with rectangle and star with rectangle primitive at the end scene , Santa's bag of gifts was made with circle selection tool, The snowflakes I just imported from photoshop and three scenes are also images from the web.All of the symbols I just created no one is old .

Color Scheme - Color scheme is just according to Christmas Eve , white , light blue , red green and dark nightly colors are just like a day before Christmas . Snowman got color transform #b8e0f1 , his hat #000000 , Ik grass and plant got #ffcc00 #d7e571 ,buttons got #99ffcc , Santa got #cf3d2a #cc0000 #ffffff ,deer #b89850 , sack of gifts #cf632a ,sleigh #626263 , gift #006600,star moving at end got #00649f #6c00cf #2400a8 .

Requirements - Snowflakes are in motion tween ,Santa on sleigh is frame by frame Snowman is motion tween but his hand got nested tween for waving in f by f . Two ikshape is on first page grass , symbol is on second page a plant .THe star at the end nested shape tween and otherwise classic tween. Buttons are three-2 layers. three audio clips are added one is santa ringing bell , santa's Ho-2 and sound for button over state but somehow buttons are not working I dont know it it again clashing in motions and ik's . A link is also added at the end on my name and its my watermark too .The rotation , transformation and easing is given to snowman and snowflakes.

Experience - It seems now easy for me to make these things except actionscript that I am going to catch next term as javascript , but rest of things were so easy for me to use like editing , create new symbol , tweens with symbols we can say instances and most of it is nested tweens so cool and easy now . I would say that everything we can learn but with constant practice..... shouldn't give up untill get it . Allover in the beginning I dint like flash but now I want to learn more .


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