Monday, December 6, 2010

T.K. Final Project


here is my final project that I entitled.. "Ghost of Xmas past"
This project actually went a little smoother than I had thought. It pretty much flowed without too much headache, which I welcomed with open arms!
As far as tools i used the pen tool and the paintbrush to make the fireplace flame. I wish I was a bigger fan of the design tools in the program but im not.
I used multiple tweens and manipulated the tint size and skew. I used them on the flames in the fire place the candle flames(motion tween) and the star on top of the christmas tree(shape tween). I also changed the tint of the bouncing ball just to do it.
I just noticed that my IK which was a mistletoe is missing from my project.this is the 2nd time this has happened. the layer is there but magically the mistletoe i drew with the paint tool is missing. This happened with my flower in project 4 and i had to redo it. This is dumb so i now have to redo it.

Now onto the next....I used armatures on the mistletoe and on the ghost body. The mistletoe is the one I made into a symbol. as far as symbols I made the elf outfit the elf hat the candles the fire and the tree ornament balls.
I used an evil laugh audio on the grinch which is a nested movie clip.
I made my buttons pretty simple with the oval tool and applied gradients to each layer and put a color change for the over and click states with the texts.I used a text link to go to the grinch webpage.
I wanna say Thank you to everyone in class. I got help from alot of you without you even knowing. I liked the progress we've all made this term and hope continued success to you all in your area of study. Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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