Monday, December 6, 2010

Final - CK

For the final, I started with the IK and worked backward. To me, it's the most complex piece, and I wanted to have an interesting use for it. During the last class, Patti mentioned a whip, and it got me thinking about that sort of animation. I had thought about doing something Indiana Jones-ish, but for some reason decided instead on a butterfly tongue. Not only am I not sure where that came from, but putting an IK on a butterfly tongue is REALLY TEDIOUS. The shape was so small that despite blowing the scale up as big as it would go, I couldn't prevent the bones from trying to connect at odd places, and eventually had to settle for much less curl than I had tried to do originally.

Tool-wise, I stuck with my usual suspects, shapes, paint brush, a little bit of pencil. I did use the spray tool for once to give my tree its foliage (seemed a little better than haphazardly painting green on it). Maybe it's the way I work, or maybe I'm scared of it, but I haven't seem to have found much use for the Pen tool since early on.

I didn't use a lot of motion editing this time, but I did find a fun use for the x/y axis transformation. Originally, the butterfly was a flat 2D symbol, but after playing with the motion editor, I got it looking a little more 3D - if still pretty flat. I did not re-use any symbols. Everything is new.

The flower was not going to be so segmented initially, but figuring out a good way to have the flower and the stem fall over together, without looking weird, ended up taking me to a symbol IK instead of a shape IK. For the sound, well...the sound doesn't work right. I want the bird noise to start and stop with the buttons, but I don't think that was covered in our class. For now, the noise starts up immediately. Everything else is pretty by the numbers (but it is fun to have a silly link on the link button).

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