Monday, December 6, 2010

Final project - beach banner

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This went well. I'm pretty pleased. I hit a few sticking points, when I was tired - for instance I had everything working except the link. Could not figure it out. Tried it both ways. Couldn't resolve (or understand) the error message. Finally looked again at the absolute URL and wondered "if I type the http:// in front of the wwww. in the link window"....and it worked! After an hour of trying.

The story board was extremely useful. I could see and plot out how to handle each item, what kind of tween it might be, where to put things. I got off track when I started creating things in the order that they would appear on the stage. I should have made all of the elements first, then placed them and activated them. I will next time. I did change a few things but having the storyboard to reference saved me time. Like having a recipe to cook from.

OBJECTS, SYMBOLS, DRAWING: All of the objects in this animation are new. All of the symbols are new.
I used the rectangle and oval tools most often, modifying the shapes with the arrow and transform tools.

COLOR: The Kuler palate includes rock brown 4B423B, sky blue 9EDEDD, water blue 58788C, sand tan D5C2AD. That was too limiting so I added bits of bright colors for the frisbee, kite, bird.

MOTION EDITING: To the waves I added easing and changed the alpha to dim the wave crests as they came ashore. I added a tint to the kite shape and fiddled with its motion speed.

IKs: I created two- the seagull which I also tweened to fly; and the unrolling line of sand that reveals the text "unwind at the beach."

TWEENS: I didn't stop with 5 tweens as you see - papers becoming clouds then floating away, frisbee flying and changing shape, flying seagull IK, flying kite, sand and sea moving onto stage, wave crests coming ashore, sand line unwinding.

SOUND: The sound clip of seagulls calling is attached to the bird tweened IK.

BUTTONS: The buttons are play and stop; stop is the altered version of play with reds added to the states to say "stop."

SIZE: I was tired of the normal stage size and shape, that's why I chose the banner configuration, but I was shocked to see how small it actually was. So I added a white frame around it and placed by link and buttons and some more text outside the original animation.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing yours.

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