Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final project David peterson

Final project David Peterson

a. Please identify the major tools used in your blog posting: paint brush, line tool, oval tool, and square shape tool, bone tool, text tool, polystar tool, and eyedropper tool, ink bottle tool, free transform tool.

i. Please add your hexadecimal numbers to your blog posting: 7FB2F0, 4E7AC7,35478C,161193B

d. In your blog posting, state which features from the motion editor was added to the above tweens:
The sun was added an alpha effect and a slowing in ease effect upon start of the clip

c. Please identify which symbols are new in your blog posting the buttons are all new: the different rabbit positions are all new and the turtle is new there are multiple symbols inside these in use for the overall effect.

What worked well? What areas were challenging? The best part that worked well was the transference of the sun and moon from my project with the alien it helped create an easy story board effect. The action scripting as usual was very hard and complex im still having some trouble with it but I’m learning more than I did inside project five.

thoughts and comments.
This piece was one of the funnier and rather interesting pieces ive done I really like how it came together and how it looks the only thing I wish I could do to improve upon it was to have more time to work on it because I felt that I needed more animals inside it but I figured I would keep it simple

describe your process in creating your project on the blog.
I first began by creating the background in different segments along with the sky the rafters then I drew them into different sections using the line tool.
After I did this I copied and pasted the sun and the moon motion tween from my third project and then redesigned it to work for this animation showing the passing of the day to night I did this by changing the sky to different colors from light to dark using Kuler.

I then created the buttons by using the same format that we used in class but instead created this square style buttons to differ from project five I put a movie clip over one of the buttons the start button and added sound to all the buttons then I distributed many different layers and colors to each button to make them different.
I then created a turtle and the hare using the oval tool, square tool, paintbrush tool, and line tool I then added color to both using the paint bucket and each bottle tools. I then added motion, classic, and shape tweens to various objects such as the hare turtle star the sun and the moon and the text that comes towards the screen.
I used a premade animation for the text coming towards the screen. I then added scripting causing the animation to stop using the stop script stop() ; then after this I added the scripting to link to Google using project fives previous scripting and changed the button that is to be pressed to btn_3 and this worked!
After this I copied and pasted the IK animation from project five the Bell and then copied and pasted the original picture and laid underneath the Bell on a separate layer so that way the Bell would not disappear after the animation played. The second IK I created was the banner by adding bone tools to it I made it wiggle back and forth to give the appearance of wind blowing.

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