Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PLS - Final

My final project is pretty simple. The star of my little movie is a stick figure man. All of the symbols and items are new for this movie, including the stick figure man. I created him using circle shapes and the pen tool. The house background item is an imported jpg that was converted with bitmap trace. The record that appears while the man is dancing is also a traced jpg import.
The movie begins with the man leaving the house and settling at center stage (Classic Tweens). The man then dances (Motion Tweens) while a crowd claps and cheers (Sound Clip) him on. After he is done dancing, the man transforms into a ball (Shape Tween). The End.
Play and Stop buttons are visible/usable throughout the movie. A link button (Record), is Alphaed to 0% at the beginning, shows up with a 100% Alpha during the dancing scenes, and then Alphas back out to 0% for the rest of the movie. If you hover over the record while the man is dancing, the words "Click Me!" appear and if clicked, you will be taken to iTunes.
My biggest issue with this project was trying to come up with an idea... which is ultimately why I chose to do a very simple movie with just a stick figure.


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