Friday, December 3, 2010

PS - Project 5

Well, this thing was not working last night in class, but this morning on my Mac it seems to be working its magic, so I am posting away!

I took my Project 4 Desert Scene and added Play and Stop Button "Clouds". The Play button flashes (MC) and turns Green on Over with a Boing sound. The Stop button turns Red on Over with a Pop sound. The pause on frame 1 thing was working earlier, so here's hoping it still works... we think the issue last night was related to the embedded IKs?!?
I also added a skull to the scene, that if you click on it, it is a link to a website with info about desert animals.

Here's the link to my SWF: - /student/CAS175_pdeangel_44402/pennyschoch67/project5/pls_project_5.swf

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