Thursday, November 25, 2010

T.K. project 5

With this project I struggled for a while.I get really frustrated with flash for some reason. I had to email Ms.D about it and once she responded i got done in 10 mins what had me stuck for over 2 hours the previous night. Anyways as far as this button project. I used 1 button i made in Photoshop and 1 button i made in flash. I think anyone can look and see where I made which I put a nested color change in my round button and a tint change on my rectangular button. I have sound which works when it wants to on the rectangular button also. I can get it to do the click sound everytime like its supposed to but I remember in class other people were having problems so maybe its a glitch or something.Im just glad to be done. I watched all the videos numerous times and they helped for the basic design but i couldnt figure my embedding out for my life but im glad it worked out in the end...besides that Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!

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