Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Project 5 David peterson

Project 5

Part 1

2)A)iv)I put the alpha movie clip for the blue button when you hover the cursor over it

Part 3
1)A)I unfortunately could not utilize any of the videos that I watched I did watch all of them however none of them seem to be as effective as they stated. I tried to use at least 16 combination's of code that none seem to work until I finally found two different ones that did.

b)I first began by creating the two different buttons by starting with one button's creation than duplicating and modifying the secondary button save time and made changes to the layers to each one and made into different buttons after I'd done this I in long-gated my movie clip by three frames including the sounds and everything else in the time line then I attempted to find several different styles of code to use inside the action script until it finally found two that worked and place them inside of the time line upon the first line I began with the stop command then I did the link command to Google than I did the last command which was the was the start button command list giving the ability to click the button to start the animation.

Thoughts and comments
this to be the hardest piece I've ever done a truly believe it when I first began this is totally screwed. I felt unprepared for it due mainly because of the holidays and work I had to finish this entire project in a day but luckily I managed to pull through thanks to Google and a lot of other good resources I found on the Internet.

Link to my animation

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