Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Project 5 - Amy Petit

Part 1:
(1, 2) For this animation I created two buttons for the existing Project 4. (a, i, iv.) The first (named button_1) has a movie clip (named star_movie) where the sun turns into a spinning star on the over state. (ii) I did add a sound clip to the over state of water splashing but I’m having trouble getting that to play. (iii) The spinning star then turns into a blue ball on the hit state. (b) The second button (named button_2) is the duck and that has (i) four layers that include the highlights on the duck. On the over state, the duck rears up and on the hit state goes back down.

Part 2:

(1) I added ActionScript to stop the timeline in the first frame.

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