Monday, November 1, 2010

Colleen's midterm Seed Cone Press

The storyboard was a good jumping off place, but I modified my idea to meet the project requirements. For instance, I'd planned a drawn seedling being revealed like the heart pulse but instead I used a shape tween from a small green rectangle of a sprout to a large brown rectangle of a tree trunk.

Again I used the brush for most of the work because I like the shapes I can achieve with it. I tried several tools to draw the cone, and then made several attempts with the brush before settling on this. Primitive shapes merged might have delivered a more realistic look, or I could have used the pen tool beziers to get it. I decided that freehanding would take less time. I did use beziers to make the soil line look bumpy.

Kuler colors weren't exactly what I wanted so I modified them. I used 211D15 (dk brown) 433527 (lt brown) 121B08 (needles green) 5F2821 (seeds) 2C581B (seedling).

This project was so different from the other attempts that I did not reuse any old symbols.

Frame by frame is used for the cone and branch shaking. It gave a nice jerky movement.

Shape tween is used for the morph from seedling to tree trunk.

Classic tween is used to change the size of the branch at the beginning. Classic allowed me to control the length of the size change.

I used motion tweens to control the seeds, adding motion to each, changing their trajectory and pace.

I used a preset fly in from the bottom for the company tag line, to reverse the line of action for emphasis.

While I started with a storyboard, the overall process was lots of trial and error, adjusting timing, positions, duration. I discovered that crunched for time it is easier to delete a flubbed up layer and rebuild it rather than try to fix without understanding what I had done.

Thanks for watching.

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