Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buttons! - CK


So here we have Project 4 with buttons. My buttons are labeled "Dance" and "Car". Even though they don't do anything at the moment, with some more work, they could be functional. Since my man has a complete skeleton, it should follow that pressing the Dance button will get his groove on. I managed to get a movie clip (button_tween) into the Over state, after once again having to go slowly through the process. The one thing that was odd here was that though there is a sound triggered on the Over state, it also seems to trigger on the Down state, despite my time line not showing a sound file there.

The Car button is mostly just a joke; I envisioned it as a means to get the man to frantically dive out of the way of oncoming traffic. I studied some of the library buttons for how they used layers, and in the end felt that my limited graphic design skills would require me to aim low. So, I made concentric rings on different layers which expand as the urgency of the situation increases (Over is important, Down is GET OUT OF THE WAY). I fought with Flash for a while before understanding that the text of a multi-layered button must be on top.

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