Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is the project 4 , which was very annoying . Symbol IK 1 is trunk of elephant and snake IK 2 is given the connected bones .I dint get what I was thinking , The main idea is that elephant got scared of snake .. the environment looks like a Jungle . I imported the elephant sound and bitmap image for now but I am not that satisfied , . The bitmappig is cool but most of the time it was patching out so I got very weird ending look , may be some like but I dint , because I wanted to give snake the motion tween which I couldnot because of IK , The important thing is I finished this project just on the basis of tutorials and whatever Patti showed in class ...couldn;t get time to read the book .
I dint compress the audio file because it was't that big . After all to learn somthing new is always good .
The blooger was taking to long to upload and even failed so here is the url.


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