Monday, November 15, 2010

In Photoshop I isolated parts of my dog on separate layers, which imported neatly and quickly into the library in my Flash document. When I got them all in place on the stage, resized and converted into symbols, I discovered that you can't link bitmap images! I animated her with frame by frame and some motion tweens.

I created the "demo dog" from various rectangles and made it into IK#1. For IK#2 I ran bones through a ribbon drawn with a paint brush to create a path on which the dog would run.

The bitmap tracing is great fun, although I think Illustrator does a better job. I think it gives a nice simple background that looks cartoony, which I like.

I didn't compress the audio because the sound files I used were small. Just voices of children playing, to add a subtle message of fun, and the dog bark twice.

I didn't make use of the tutorials because I'm not able to from home and wasn't able to spend time in a lab this week. This is all from the book and what Patti showed us in class.

I think it works. What do you think?

Thanks for watching.

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