Monday, November 15, 2010

tk's project 4

a. Describe the purpose of your IK animations.
I used the IK animation to make my flower appear to blow with the breeze and the little caterpillar move also. I need to do a bit more experimenting with this bone tool to get it down but its fun so far

a. Did it function as you intended?
Yes it helped my flower blow with the breeze!!lol
b. Please discuss how the tutorials contributed to your project design

c. How did the bitmap tracing contribute to your project?
With this project it really wasnt necessary but with other vector like images this would be pretty cool kind of how amy used it. I really like her project.

Now overall this project had me kind of frustrated and i scratched like 3 different ideas about halfway through.I couldnt figure out how to get the imported images to work with the bone tool and i know it was something simple i was just overlooking.I like my flash drawn flower though!!hahaha. it showed me just how unsteady my hand is on my laptop.On part2 I imported a pic that was like 3500x2800 and resized it down to 550x400 to match the stage size. I also added some contrast to the original pic all in photoshop and saved it for web and devices. I think the addition of the buttons will be a breeze since i can import psd files and layers over to flash. I just really dont like how long it takes sometimes and the end result looks like a 5 min but I guess thats all a part of the learning experience.

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