Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 4 David Peterson

Project 4

Questions answered

Thoughts and Comments

When I first started this project I felt like it was a little over whelming but I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out.

How i made it

I first began using the oval tool with a peach like skin color and I began to draw different parts of the human body such as the chest, boxers, arms, legs, head, and the boxing gloves then I converted them all into symbols after I converted them I attached them each by the bone tools and created it into a full working moving IK. After I did this I copied the same character and then re-pasted it after duplicating each piece in changing it this way it appears that I have two different boxers fighting one another. I then used poses for each IK and specifically altered each piece of their bodies to make the appearance of them hitting one another.I then added sounds by using sounds imported from the example set on blackboard to give a more realistic feel for each blow landed after this I added the Bell to simulate the start of the round by adding two different symbols I hammer and a round shaped bell and then created them both into an IK and made a post between them so the hammer appears to strike the bell. Last I decided to create a watermark using Photoshop and altering the original background I added my name and followed the instructions inside the video listed on this website below.

Part 2

2)D) I chose to import to library and stage both so that I could get a feel for the difference between the two. I then chose hit noises to better enhance the experience of the fight.

Part 3

The purpose of my animations was to create the experience of being inside a boxing ring watching two boxers fight and the idea of watching a punching bag swing from use.

A) yes after some well spend time working on them.

B) they helped died my actions and allowed me to complete my work by showing me what I needed to complete.

C) a contributed by allowing me to alter the background to anyway I wished it to look.

Video on the left Project 4 Video on the Right Video Movie Clip

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