Monday, November 15, 2010

Project 4- Amy Petit

Part 1:
(1.) For this animation I created two IK elements, one using symbols and another using shapes. (a, i.) For the symbols that were connected by bones, I drew three ships – each it’s own symbol. (ii) I also used a “invisible symbol” (one that had the alpha set at 0) to create more realistic movement between the ships. I set the rotation to be constrained so the ships wouldn’t topple over, rather just look like they were bobbing on the waves. (b, i) For the shape connected by bones, I created a seagull movie clip that has 25 frames in itself of the bird flapping it’s wings. (ii) I’ve then applied a motion tween to the bird in the main animation so it looks like it’s flying across the water.

Part 2:
(1.,a,c) For the bitmap background I imported a bitmap of an ocean and shore from a photograph I had taken, used align to match it to the stage size and traced the photo to create the vector graphic. After getting the look that I wanted by adjusting the color threshold and minimum area for pixels – I imported a Kuler color scheme and selected different areas in the image to adjust the color (it had been a b&w photo) (b) prior to importing, I resized the image in Photoshop to be 500 x 332px at 72 dpi.
(2.a) I added two sounds to this animation – the sound of the waves in the background that plays through the whole animation and the sound of the seagull set to play as the bird flies in. (b) I compressed both sounds to MP3s which were recommended in the tutorial for longer playing sounds. I left the bit rate at 16kbps and the quality at medium which alleviated some of the sharpness (screeching bird) in the original files. (d) I also used the “edit sound envelope” option in the properties menu to have the sound fade in and out and lower the intensity of it a little.

Part 3:
(1.a) The purpose of my IK animations were to create the scene of an ocean shore with the ships bobbing in the waves and the seagull flying through it. (a.) I believe it did function as I intended and the tutorials (b.) especially the one on adding sound helped me import the items effectively. I appreciated the compression advice because editing sound it very new to me and I’m not very familiar with the file types. (c.) The bitmap tracing created a nice background. This is a feature that is also available in Illustrator and so I felt having used it before, I could create the look I intended. (d.) I was unable to load a swf file to the blog so I have included a link above. (2., a,b) All files are uploaded to the SWS server and my name is on the project in the lower left of the animation.

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