Monday, November 1, 2010

Midterm - Stephen Brooks

The storyboarding only took about 30 minutes, but it helped me stay on track while I was designing. I made it out of 4 frames, but cut the last one since I didn't need it. Patti, open it using MS Paint for the clearest image...

The Kuler made it ALOT easier to determine what colors to use since I hadn't used it in previous projects. The RGB colors I used were:
82, 17, 10
74, 38, 25
115, 55, 45
130, 71, 58
117, 45, 30 these were "Browns" from the Kuler search "wood"
128, 43, 0
191, 64, 0
255, 86, 0
64, 21, 0
230, 77, 0 these were Oranges from Kuler "Pumpkins & spice"
231, 40, 0
255, 110, 3
255, 164, 35
231, 114, 39
171, 45, 0 these were colors for my leaves, search "Fall leaves"

I used the Pen tool for the nose of my Pumpkin & the bezier curves made it pretty easy to get what I was looking for (kind of like a witch, long and pointed).

I took the symbol "Electrical Outlet" from one of my practice videos and changed it's color/size to fit the outdoors theme, titled "External Electrical Outlet".

Frame-by-Frame Animation - I kept this one really simple and simply flashed between two versions of the pumpkins face. One is scowling and the other is surprised/startled...

Shape Tween - This was a bit difficult, but I managed to also nest it (extra points) and extend it so that it seemed to flow and minimize and "jerking"...

Classic Tween - I took the last Text box and wanted to make it larger so a simple classic tween was all that I needed...

Motion Tweens:
- OK, so I went a little overboard with this one and ended up with nearly 20 motion tweens, BUT here is a basic description of them. The first required a transformation so I made text boxes to represent the doorbell and had them bounce around like I would envision the sound would look like. I added ease to all three of them with a custom setup.

- The leaves in my video move twice as if gusts of wind are pushing them across the porch since I wanted a more life-like look to them. This required multiple layers with each leaf on its own layer to keep things simple.

- The last Motion tween was wrapped up in the leaves since I had so many and needed some to end up off of the stage. I moved around the leaf layers to try and get a more accurate timetable, so that's why they are not in order...

Enjoy, click here!

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