Monday, November 1, 2010

Mid Term -Kirandip Kaur

This is midterm project on the theme of bee and butterfly . All requirements have been met according to me .1 Clouds got the motion preset tweening , sun got the classic tweening in which color n shape is changed the other two motion tweenings are for bee and butterfly . Flowers got frame by frame animation, the ending page got the shape tween in three objects . Storyboarding is uploaded to sws. In the category of tools pen and bezier curves for butterfly ,gradient color ,transformation flowers too got same , sun too got gradient .

The hex color are 5fbe8e for b_g ,0000ff for flower which is my favourite ,add01e for butterfly in radiel , ffff31 for butterfly yellow, 000000 for butterfly body like too ,bcdod5 for clouds . here is the link to see the movie.

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