Sunday, October 31, 2010

T.K. Midterm project
I used 8 layers for my project and the library has 2 folders

I drew the moon and made the pumpkin in photoshop. I just find photoshop easier for those kind of tasks.

I turned my moon into a symbol and converted my png files from photoshop into symbols. I am trying to get better at drawing things inside of flash but as of now I suck.

I used a shape tween on the scary face that comes out of the pumpkin. I made it go from small to full size as it traveled

I used this on the rabbit which was the simplest thing to do to have it hopping like I wanted to. I also used it on the scary face to create the path it followed.

Now i played with the moon by putting a color ease and a motion preset to make the pulsating motion effect. also used it on the pumpkin top which i made shoot off the screen with a blur to it. The scary face changes color as it travels and also spins 360 degrees. I used the particle system for the confetti coming out of the pumpkin.

overall this was an okay assignment. I had the most difficulty coming up with what i wanted to make the movie about and was blank but this ended up being the idea that popped up.sorry im rushing to write this and its not super in depth but just wanted to get something up and explain a few parts.

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