Friday, October 22, 2010


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Project 3 - Colleen Cornish

The discussion about story boarding prompted me to see if I could tell a story with a basic shape. I chose a circle and set to using tweening to add personality as well as motion. I'm fairly happy with the result. I certainly had fun making it.

Most of the movements are classic tweens. They allowed me to set different rise rates and motions for three groups of bubbles at the beginning. I liked the control I had by adding and removing frames on specific layers to speed or slow the action. Adding a motion guide to the big bubble allowed me to put a bump in his sideways movement. Using a motion guide on the last little bubble allowed me to draw a path that expressed confusion and hurry. (Well, I thought so.)

I used a motion preset fly-up on the floating line of bubbles to make them rise, disappear and pop as the the spray appeared. The preset is very smooth...but adding easing didn't make a lot of difference in the appearance. I think easing is more visible over a longer distance and perhaps over a path that is not strictly vertical.

I'm sure an organized library will be truly useful on a large project. Here it wasn't a problem to scan the list for the symbol I wanted. Ah, but organizing the layers was a necessity. I had so many bits on the timeline that more than once I altered the wrong thing. I probably got carried away; adding motion to everything, even a little rotation to the water to make it slosh.

Due to technical and scheduling limitations I have not watched all of the tutorials so I didn't make a specific effort to integrate the concepts they presented. In any event, I hope you are entertained and that I have been able to bring this idea to life.

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