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Midterm_David Peterson

Midterm_David Peterson

Thoughts and comments

I truly enjoyed this piece that I did mainly because it was a true challenge had to work very hard with little time to be able to create this image but most of all I truly enjoyed creating the meteorite smashing to the tree it was a neat effect and visually beautiful

Process of creation

The first begin by creating the background using two different square shapes and merge them together then I bound them together to ensure it was one solid whole after I created the background I decided to then copy the Humpty Dumpty tree from project two and paste it into my new background after I had done this I created the shapes of the leaves on the tips of the tree using the primitive oval tool by shrinking its properties down to the correct size and grouping several and positioning using the free forming tool
after I finished creating the tree I then created the stars by copy and pasting again from my Humpty Dumpty pitcher and then attached a classic tween to it to give the movement soon appears to be a collection of shooting stars I then created the sun and the moon and added a motion tween to the sun alongside with an ease and alpha effect so it appears to come in faded and slow then to blend into normalcy then back into fading as it goes off screen and then created the moon using the primitive oval tool and shrinking
its properties down to crescent shape and colored it to a light pale yellow and added a frame by frame animation to the moon as it appears to go left to right just like the sun I then created a meteorite inside the sky by creating it with the oval tool and colored it a darker brown and turned it into a symbol as a got bigger with flames attached to it after I created this I then created a new symbol of the meteorite smashing into the tree.
I then created a fire symbol and created it as a frame by frame animation by setting the fire at a different angle in each frame and cutting at different holes within the flame to give it a flickering effect I then set it onto a new layer and placed it over the broken tree stump giving us the the effect of the tree stump on fire I then used the pen tool and created an alien and his gun and made him into a symbol that attached a motion tween to make him look left and right and then walk off the street I did this
by adding different key frames and two different symbols of alien by reversing one then attaching each to a different key frame side-by-side giving the appearance of looking left and right.

Story boarding

i) List hexadecimal Colors

I used in Kuler the selection A lot OF Blue and more of the basic colors on the left;
618DD0, 1B4B94, 2565C7, 663300, 00CC99, 00FF00, 000066, FFFFCD and FF0000


The tree and the stars are both symbols from my Humpty Dumpty project two piece. I modified the tree so that it had base and it had texture upon the bottom to give it a more realistic looking style along with leaves on the top

Classic tween

Classic tween was used for this because I found it an easy and effective way to create a cluster of shooting stars because they are only moving in one direction so shape tween was not needed nor was motion tween because both are more complicated

Second tween

I used the preset smoke because it allowed the fire I created to have a more realistic look to it

Motion tween of my choice

The motion tween I chose was for a broken piece of the tree flying through the air and smacking upon the ground then bouncing closer to its stump the reason for this was to give the effect of impact from the meteorite smashing into the tree

First tween
the process for the Suns creation was using the oval tool and creating a circle that was yellow then creating it into a symbol then creating a motion tween and having it move from left to right off the screen I also used alpha effect to make the sun go in and out those creating the passing of daylight I also used ease to slow the Suns speed

Second tween

I created smoke by creating a square box shape then I turned into a symbol and sliced the edges off with the erase tool thinning it out thus creating a more smoke like look I then added the motion preset smoke and set it over the fire on a separate layer

Third tween

I recopied the Humpty Dumpty tree and created it into a symbol then cut off the top and bottom put it onto a separate layer and integrated it into a motion tween I then made the tree flip using the motion tween and key frames I did frame by frame different pictures and made it appear to bounce off the ground and land flatly

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