Friday, October 8, 2010

project 2 Kirandip K

Hi all ,
Here is my project 2 - and I don't have any idea what I am doing .Again in this project I almost used all of the tools . With more and more practice I am dissolving into it.
Part 1 Complex Graphics
a . I have used merge tool for cat like first I made polygon for face and oval for body and shaped it with sub-selection tool , I dint feel any other shape could help me to make it like this and tie is also a rectangle (object), eyes are oval , ears are made with just pen tool, tail is made with pencil because this shape was giving me hard time. The rug on cat is standing is made of oval primitive tool.

b. The other complex graphic is window in which I used rectangle , rectangle primitive tool is giving the shape of curtains what I imagined , daco vine tool which is compressed with transform tool to make a bunch of hanging vine , the hanging and pot is made at last with just paint brush . These grouped objects are just giving me a nice fresh and green look outside .

c. I arranged the objects into complex layers and stacked them as they came on the stage.
1.background- in which color , walls deco , roof deco and window and rug is made.
2. cat on mat - cat , mat and bubbles of thinking
3. fish pot on table - which is masked on a wall an oval shape is also masked with it .
4 . curve is used to make corner couch for cat .

I selected the final order of layers because as they present on stage in the same way because if I make the moving object first and decoration on stage later it will not work out.

My intention behind this image is just the thinking of a cat that she always finds the chance for hunting either a mouse , a bird or a fish ( not all of them ).
Part 2
a. I would suggest that any shape is fine till you know how to mold it on small edges , so in shaping I liked subselection tool, pen tool and selection tool . But cons of complex image lies in unchangeable objects because they are combined into one thing .

b. I would manage my future projects with an organised library and stacking order of layers .
c. While creating this project the most interesting thing I liked is making complex image into layers which is quite manageable in future and symbol it an you can alter it anytime from library , can use again . I liked the most is free transform tool to resize to fit in image, rotate it , move it .Sub selection and selection tool is also very good .


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