Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 3 - Amy Petit

My project is uploaded here:

Part 2 - Flash file
(1) I started off by creating a classic tween of a bug moving across the stage. I used a motion guide to make the bug move around the cat. (2) I used a shape tween to then turn the bug into a bird and make it fly around the cat and then off the screen. I change the color and form of the bird as it was doing this. (3a) I used a motion tween with custom easing when the bird flies back onto the screen - it flies up slow, dips down fast and then flies up again fast. I did this by adding keyframes in the motion editor at 185 and 210 to create a bell-shaped curve in the custom ease. (i) In the middle of the tween, the bird fades out (done using the alpha motion preset set at 0 at frame 195 and then back to 100 at the final frame. (3b & ii) The second motion tween was done by using the preset "Stop and Start Fast" (iii) I modified it by slowing it down slightly and then using a tint to change the color. In the Tint motion preset I set the color to change by adding a keyframe at 235 and setting it to 100 percent. That way I could control where the bird fully changed color. (4) I used the library to organize the pieces of the animation. (a,b) All of the individual pieces of the cat, bird and bug are organized into folders (i.e. cat, cat feet, cat eyes etc.) as are the bug and bird shapes. They are also named specifically to what they are. (5) I've included a rotating & color shift in the final motion tween as the bird flies off the stage.

Part 3
(1,a) After watching the tutorials, I specifically understood how there were advantages in the control you can have with classic and shape tweens vs. motion tweens, however the motion tweens have more control options in the motion editor (b) I was more comfortable with the classic and shape tweens and thought it was pretty easy to make them do what I needed them to do for the first part of the animation. The motion tweening is still a bit of a learning curve. I am still having trouble with moving the points in the custom easing but I think working on a small monitor doesn't help. I will say though that the trying to create a shape tween with a complex object produces a pretty funny morph - I tried to do it with the cat shapes and the all split apart. (c) Having an organized library really helped to be able to find and quickly add shapes to the timeline.

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