Thursday, October 21, 2010

T.K. project 3

I actually had fun with this project. I took a cut out off my youngest daughter's head from photoshop made it a png file and imported it in along with the body of the weight lifter. now on my project i used the motion tween on my daughters head which was to make it look like stars shot from out of her head as she struggled with the bar. I manipulated the scale,color tint, and rotation on the red star along with placing a motion preset of fly out top and i changed the easing to -38 in. On another star i messed with the easing to speed it up and played with the Y axis a bit.
I integrated most of the tutorials into my project. I used the different types of tweens in my project. i used the motion tween on my daughters head pretty well I think. I used classic tweening on her caption bubble which made it rotate. I really want to use the classic tween for changing the facial expressions maybe in a future project. I also manipulated the motion paths,size,and color of the sweat beads that fall off her face onto the floor as she struggles.The motion easing is so cool because it lets you fine tune all of your motions you've set up to make them more interesting. I definitely see where the presets will come in handy here in the future. I like the bouncing preset alot along with the zoom ones. As far as the tweens I used and the reasoning, I used the motion tween mostly because it did what i needed it to do and the was move her head back and forth. Ive got a better concept of the difference of the tweens after this project so ill be able to use them more effective in the future. I couldnt figure out how to modify my right angle lines into curves but figured it out today in class. That was 1 thing i ran into because i was going to have the stars coming out in a squiggly line. I put all my stars in a folder and the head and body in a folder and the sweat beads in a separate folder. I also put my png,and symbols in their own folders.
Overall i enjoyed this project and look forward to the midterm for this reason. Before I was kinda intimidated by the program but now that im starting to understand the basics Im digging this flash a little more.

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