Friday, October 8, 2010

T.K. project 2

So, as u can see from my intricate masterpiece i am a master of arts! im really feeling like a second grader with this program. it looks like this should have taken me 5 mins to do this and now that im looking at it on here, even less. Now onto the questions for this project.

PART 1.1
i grouped the bows together and also the presents themselves just in case i wanted to change colors or something.

PART 1.2
i used the paintbrush to make the santa hat decoration and used the pen tools minus to tighten it up a bit. I then stacked my layers so that the presents are in front and so the lights and deco decorations sit on top of the tree.

for a new user i would tell them that a single layer is just going to mean headaches in the long run. Editing is so much easier when you have everything on its own layer. If u are going to use a single layer then be sure to plan your stuff carefully.I need to do a bunch more practicing myself to fully understand this stuff so my recommendations are few,sorry.
As far as management this is how i manage stuff in photoshop so its not to different or new to me.This Project took way longer than it should have because i was playing with a few things and not getting favorable results so im sure that with time ill have alot more to contribute than a few presents and a tree. I like the primitive shapes so far the most and the deco tool second. its pretty cool how it sprays the shapes. I can see the deco coming in handy for future projects.

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