Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project 1 "Constellation"

I built this image like I would have in Illustrator or Photoshop and frustrated myself with the stacking order and merging, so I started over several times. This will take some getting used to.

a. Primitive oval used for trajectory lines, useful because it let me keep the circles open.
Object drawing used for sky and grass. Wanted to use Merge for grass so I could alter the horizon line to look more round, but merge stacks behind object so that didn't work.

b. I used the pen tool to make the martini glass shape, using the sub-selection tool to position the swizzle stick and shape the rim. I duplicated the drawing and changed the line to stippled yellow to get a starry look.

c. I created the headline, modifying it by selecting a portion and making it bolder and darker in value.
d. I used the linear gradient to create a multicolored brush stroke of trailing dots for star tails. (colors 333344/CC0033/003333)

e. I used the brush object to create the lines of the glass in the sky, with the smoothing at 100 you get a nice calligraphic line. I used the pencil to create the line of the star tails, stippled, 4.0, linear gradient.

f. deco/spray: not used because I found a different way to achieve the affect I wanted (see h.)

g. I used the transform tool to slightly rotate the green and blue backgrounds then skew them so they are enough off to suggest a horizon.

h. I was frustrated by the stacking conventions, so unlike the other software I usually work with, like trying to remember the order of hands in poker.
I was delighted to learn that I could paint a gradient brush stroke of dots with the stipple style and that I could alter the shape after with the sub-selection tool. That will be extremely useful for highlighting and adding emphasis. After using this, with the control it allows, I opted to not use the spray can tool.


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