Friday, October 29, 2010

PS - Project 3

I used a Shape Tween to turn the heart into a ball and then later for the ball back to a heart to start over. I used a Classic Tween for the ball bounce. I used a Motion Tween for the rocking moon and for the ball loop. The rocking moon rotates. The ball loop has a path and also a "bounce" preset.

I like the morph effects of the Shape Tween. For the Motion Tweens, I like that you use symbols and can swap symbols--that helped me switch out my shapes with ease. Having an organized library helped with the swap process as well.

My favorite part of this little movie** is the dancing feet on the big red heart! :)

**I wasn't able to upload the .swf file - I gave up after it was processing for more than 1 hour!!

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