Friday, October 22, 2010

Project 3 David Peterson

I first begun by creating the Paddles with the rectangle tool and the ball with the oval tool then attached different tweens to each of them. Then I added key frames and motion to each one using the tweens and positioning them all frame by frame with the mouse to give the effect of the paddles hitting the ball back and forth. I also had to edit the color of each paddle and ball and switch each one out with a different symbol each time the ball struck a paddle to give it the morphing effect. After which i then created the spinning paddle using motion frame and positioned each frame with the paddle spinning and made the background fade in using alpha with the ease inside the motion guides. And last of all i used the Motion preset on the Player two Wins text to give it a nice feel of accomplishment.

Part 2

3) i) I used motion editor with in a motion tween for the background to create a fading affect by adding key frames of different alpha value inside the custom ease this made it so that the background starts out with nothing and slowly fades into effect when it hits each key frame thus creating a neat effect.

3) B) ii) I used the motion preset zoom in -- 3-D I modified it by adjusting the placements and area of which the preset motion moves inside my creation.

3) iii) I modified the easing by adding key frames with different values of alpha inside each one to create the fading effect of my background.


A) I incorporated several different tweens to create the effect of pong the game I used this shape tween to convert the pongs ball into several different shapes and then I used different color techniques to give each shape a neat effect

I then used motion tweens for the paddles so that I could set up a rotation for the beginning paddle and edit every detail so that it would look nice

I used a classic tween for the appearing red ball and added a motion guide to it so that it would have a quickened pace compared to the rest of the other moving objects I did this by shrinking the time-line for the red ball and moved its frames ahead to where it needed to be so it would have the effect of looking like it appeared when the white ball hit the paddle

The videos really helped me to understand the differences between the tweens a lot better than the book

I love the motion presets they were an amazing piece that really helps me to create a lot in my piece but I loved it most for my finale piece the player two wins at the end

B) The purpose for the difference tweens are that the ball changes many times so a shape tween seem to fit this best. The reason for the paddles being motion tween is that they needed to represent the almost robotic like style of pong when it was on the original Atari but also for the complex rotation of the first paddle.

They did work as I attended after a few issues with the time-line setting up between us correctly and positioning the balls and paddles.

C) it helps to maintain order and save time by knowing where everything is so you don't have to go searching for a piece you need half the production time when working on a piece.

Over all i really enjoyed creating this piece and I'm very proud of it!

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