Saturday, October 30, 2010

Midterm - Amy Petit

I was having trouble posting my video so I'm linking to it here:

For this project I decided to use a three act show to incorporate all of the different animations. I used the a color theme I got from Kuler as the main palette - hexidecimal numbers A61103 (red), F24405 (orange), F28609 (lt orange), F2CE3E (yellow), 496D8C (blue). I used separate layers for the act signs so that I could treat them as separate motion tweens. I also separated out the curtains, cat, fish, fish bowl and birds so it would be easier to create those tweens and named them accordingly. I used folders for the act signs and the birds to keep them organized. I used a combination of primitive objects (diving board), merged objects (the fish and fishbowl) and object drawing (the cat and bird shapes). The pen tool was useful in creating new bird shapes and modifying the bezier curves. In the library I have about 20 symbols that are named and put into folders. They consist of the different parts for the bird, cat, curtain and act signs. I reused portions of my cat animation from project 3. I duplicated a grouped bunch of cat pieces and modified it to be the two symbols I needed for the cat dancing. The curtain opening and closing is the frame-by-frame animation. The fish jumping into the fishbowl is the shape tween and it is distorted by straightening out and changing color. I used an ease to slow down the motion of the fish and added a little frame-by-frame for the bubbles. The classic tween is the cat dancing across the stage. I felt that a classic tween was appropriate here because I could insert keyframes into the tween that changed the symbol – that make him look like he was dancing. For the three simple motion tweens – I used motion tweens for each one of the birds. The first flys in and alternates color. I used the motion editor to change the color and to apply a sine wave ease. The second bird also flys in, changes color and uses a bounce in ease. My objective with these tweens were to make them look like they were jumping all over the screen. The third bird is a motion tween with an alpha applied coming into full view as it gets closer. It then flaps it’s wings using frame-by-frame and flys off using another motion tween. The act signs are also controlled using motion tweens and slow eases. Overall I felt like this was very challenging but useful in that I’m learning more about the motion editor and how to make it work for what I want to do.

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